Libraries are not as popular as they used to be, and we can put this down to the growing popularity of eBooks. Nowadays, people can simply go on the Internet, download whatever book they want to read (often for free as well), and then transfer it to an electronic reading device, such as a Kindle. However, we believe that there’s nothing quite like holding an actual book in your hands and, if you are like us, and live in Lincoln, you should head on over to the Riley Books Library.

A Little Bit About Us

We were originally situated on the outskirts of Lincoln, but a devastating fire back in 1990 tore through our extensive collection of books, destroying everything that we had worked for since the early 19th century.

However, we were not prepared to lie down that easily, so we vowed that we would be back. Thankfully we were insured, so we had the funds to ensure that we could rebuild. The first thing that we obviously had to do was find a new building where we could build Riley Books Library from the ground up.

It took us a while to find one, but we fell in love with a small and charming building, within walking distance of the city’s famous cathedral. The fire may have taken nearly everything from us, but one positive that came out of it was that we got to move to a more central part of the city.


We moved there in 1992, spent a couple of years building up our book collection, and opened the library to the public on the 18th July 1994.

Since then, we have become very popular, especially among the older generation who much prefer to be holding an actual book in their hands when they are reading. However, having said that, we hold a reading evening for children three times a week, and they are all well attended as well.

We Now Have an Extensive Ranges of Books to Choose From

Our main aim is to always improve our book collection, and thanks to the hard work that we have all put in over the last two decades or so, we can safely say that we now have a book collection that any library would be proud of.

No matter what genre you are looking for, you will be able to find a wide selection of books that suit your tastes. We value our customers, so if you cannot find the exact book that you are looking for, let one of our friendly staff members know and they will be more than happy to order a copy for you. Not only will you get to read the book that you desperately want to read, we will also get to add a new book to our collection, which is something that always makes us smile.

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